Jo Russ:

All the objects we have collected have been of a domestic scale or size so they could be easily incorporated into our home environment. If we ever end up living in a mansion, the scale of the objects will no doubt increase!

These small-scale objects are made of materials easily manipulated by hand or with small tools, and often have a handcrafted quality. Both Hemi MacGregor and Anthony Behrens are working on or with wood, and Bronwyn Cornish has constructed her Temple of Hera from clay. Sandra Schmidt has carefully pieced together her flaming buildings bead by bead. They are based on large apartment blocks in the German city of Zwickau, where she grew up.

Objects from Matt Couper’s Hugs and Kisses series are also shown here. There is a calculated play between the simple and the complex, like an adult cartoon. From materials such as cardboard and glue, complex constructions and characters have been developed. These works came about from Matt feeling he needed a break from painting, so he started making three-dimensional figures from his paintings.