Jo Russ:

These works in our collection could be considered ‘erotic’, but not just in the traditional sense as they include some quite quirky images, such as Louise Clifton and Dane Taylor’s photograph, Casey, depicting a hooded figure sitting on a kitchen bench. This work often stopped people in their tracks when visiting our flat in Wellington, and prompted much discussion.

We both enjoy the classic style of Helm Ruifrok’s drawings. He combines provocative material with a refined technique reminiscent of the Old Masters. Having first seen Louisa as a drawing, I was fascinated to meet her in Christchurch and to discover that she was just as tall and captivating as she appeared on paper.

Fiona Pardington’s intimate image His Girlfriend follows on from an earlier series she created from a box of found black and white proof sheets depicting women in erotic poses.

My photographic practice has also included erotic material, sometimes in an offbeat and spontaneous way. Untitled (man and cat) was the result of a lucky accident. The cat was not scheduled to be in the photo shoot, but she insisted on being the centre of attention.